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Charter a Plane – Now Including Green Bay!

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, our private charters are customized to accommodate your schedule and precise destination. It’s about time! You fly smarter with Northern Airways’ charter by realizing these unique features and benefits:

  • Greatly reducing travel time
  • Selecting departure times to maximize your schedule
  • Eliminating security delays. Walk in. Walk on. Wheels up!
  • Enjoying a confidential business environment

Your destination opportunities are greatly expanded with Northern Airways charter service. Our aircraft can reach over 9,000 destinations (6,000 more than commercial airlines offer). Some of our most popular destinations and estimated costs are provided.

If you or a loved one faces an urgent need for medical care, we’ll be there. Our round-the-clock booking will bring you the peace of mind needed at the most critical travel times. Some medical flights may even be covered by insurance. Check with your provider for more information.

Private charter is the most efficient, flexible, stress-free way to travel.

It’s your plane – tell us where you’d like to go!

From Iron Mountain (IMT) – Cessna Conquest II (8 Passengers)

DestinationRound Trip
Detroit (DTW)$3700*
Des Moines$4100*
Nashville (BNA)$6600*
Denver (DEN)$8300*

*The pricing provided above is not a quote.  It is a destination estimate based on same-day, round-trip pricing departing from Iron Mountain, Michigan.  Final charter billings are based on actual flight hours and related costs and does not include applicable fees and taxes.

From Green Bay (GRB) – Cessna Conquest II (8 Passengers)

DestinationRound Trip
Chicago (PWK)$5900*
Minn./St. Paul$6200*

*The pricing provided above is not a quote.  It is a destination estimate based on same-day, round-trip pricing departing from Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Final charter billings are based on actual flight hours and related costs and does not include applicable fees and taxes.

Tell us where you’d like to go!  A Northern Airways charter representative is always available to provide a solution to your private charter needs.

Our 24-Hour Charter Service is available toll-free at: 888-398-7784

The U.P.’s exclusive Lansing Air Shuttle

Upcoming Shuttle Travel Dates:

Please Call for Current Shuttle Schedule

(Do you have a need for a different Shuttle Travel Date or Destination?  Call us!)

Northern Airways Lansing Shuttle was developed to provide same-day round trip travel to Lansing with a generous 6+ hours time allotment for conducting business – and still get travelers home in time for dinner; the kid’s hockey game; or the symphony performance.

The time-saving, cost and realized value of Northern Airways Lansing Shuttle (in comparison to driving a vehicle and/or taking a commercial airline) gives you and your travelers peace of mind.  It’s the peace of mind you need to conduct meaningful business – rather than watching striped road lines all day or being subjected to taking your shoes off at the TSA screening line.  Instead, arrive 15 minutes before departure.  Walk in.  Walk on.  Wheels up!

Once onboard, enjoy the convenience of a private flight with the assurances of safety, security and a comfortable environment.  We’ll get you there, and back to your family knowing you’ve had a productive day; a pleasant journey; and plenty of rest.

Go ahead – slip your shoes off, if you wish.  We don’t mind.

Move Your Freight

  • Get a critical part to a downed production line quickly
  • When “Next Business Morning” is too late

We understand the value of time and productivity.  When work stops on a production line and minutes equate to thousands of dollars lost, know that Northern Airways can get that replacement part to your customer or plant quickly and efficiently – often within hours of your initial call!

Our flight can get your package close to your destination, too!  There is no need to coordinate long over the road freight hauls from the nearest commercial airport.  Tell us where you need your part to go and we’ll provide arrival times and options for where we can land.  Often, moving your part from Point A to Point B with Northern Airways freight service saves hours of time – and gets you back up and running quicker than you thought possible!

Our Cessna Conquest 441 is capable of moving multiple heavy items in one trip (please see diagram for dimension requirements for each unit).

Call us!  We can make it happen!  24 Hour Charter Phone : 888-398-7784

Some restrictions apply for transport of hazardous materials.  See the FAA guidelines for allowable items.

Each package or item size cannot exceed the dimensions above.

The Flight Team

Whether on the ground or in the air, our high standards, extensive expertise, and attention to detail ensure that your experience will be safe and cost effective.

Steven Van Beek

Chief Pilot & Director of Operations

  • Has logged 21,000+ hours
  • Holds an ATP rating
  • 4000+ hours in Cessna Conquest
  • Owned & Operated aviation companies
    • Lakeland Aviation
    • Eagle Air Cargo
  • Managed Superior Aviation for 20 years
  • Flew FedEx Aircraft
Dennis Whitehead


  • Has logged 7500+ hours
  • Commercial Land & Sea ratings
  • Taildragger endorsement
  • 25 years flying experience
  • Volunteer pilot for Northwoods AirLifeline since 1997
Dave Schemmel

Pilot & Instructor

  • Has logged 22,000+ hours
  • Holds an Airline Transport (ATP) rating
  • Received his private pilot license in 1982
  • 6 years in the Marine Corps
  • Flew MD-80s for Vanguard commuter airline
  • Flew passengers, mail, and air ambulance in Alaska for 6 years
  • Flew internationally for 5 years as a contracted pilot doing geophysical radar mapping
  • Joined Kubick Aviation Services in 2014 — has been here since the inception of our charter flight service
Mike Richards


  • Has logged 8,800+ hours
  • Holds an ATP rating
  • Began flying professionally in 1992
  • Flew 3,800+ hours as a flight instructor
  • Flew as a contractor for FedEx for 20 years starting in 1997
  • Flew Medivac for a couple of years
Kevin Leitz

Business Development Executive

Chris Redding

Charter/Shuttle Coordinator

Our Aircraft

We show our planes the same amount of care we show our passengers.

Our passenger fleet includes single and twin engine aircraft that are carefully maintained on-site through Kubick Aviation. Our highly-skilled pilots, maintenance technicians, and avionics technicians are held to the highest standard of safety, quality, and customer service.


3-4 Passengers with limited baggage Cruises at 195 mph

Personalized, executive style service
Comfortable cabin with snacks/drinks
Pressurized cabin, all-weather certified
Twin-engine reliability

Cessna Conquest II

Up to 9 passengers with luggage Cruises at 345 mph

Personalized, executive style service
Comfortable cabin with snacks/drinks
Fold-out work stations
Pressurized cabin, all-weather certified
Prop-jet engines