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Learn To Fly

Before you get started, think about this question: Why do you want to fly…and how much of a commitment are you willing and able to make?

Bruce Rutter, our independent flight instructor,* will determine the best training and licensing program for you based on your goals. With more than 2,300 flight hours in 28 different aircraft, Bruce can teach you everything you need to know to safely get up in the air.

Mike Richards, our Chief Pilot, has a unique approach to teaching people to fly. With more than 8800 flight hours in multiple air crafts including 732 multi engine, 42 jet, 4800 turbo prop. Mike can teach you everything you need to know to safely get up in the air, he has over 3800 hours as a flight instructor, 1500 instrument, and 1400 night hours.

The most common training levels are:

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Private Pilot License with Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Rating

According to Bruce, “The act of flying isn’t hard, it’s learning what you need to know in order to fly safely and within the guidelines that can be most challenging.”

Certified, Experienced Instructors

  • Mike Richards, Chief Pilot at Northern Airways and Kubick Aviation
  • Bruce Rutter, Kubick’s trusted instructor partner.

Please schedule your flight time with him directly.

Phone: (906) 282-2196 or email MikeR@KubickAviation.com