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To get a private charter quote as quickly as possible, please call Chris at 906-779-5500.

After Hours and Weekends:  (906) 282-6026.

Please note that all quotes are estimates. Billing will be based on actual hours and costs.

Our Customer Promise

When it comes to private air travel, nothing is more important than trust. Each time you fly with us, we stand by our promise to you:

• Safety and Security: Your safety, security and discretion are our top priorities. We are accredited with the highest standards in aviation and maintain a perfect track record.

• Knowledgeable & Informative: Our knowledgeable staff will arm you with all the information you need to make smart decisions. We’re experts — our people are trained and most are also certified in their jobs.

• Customer-driven You will have a memorable experience, and so will we…because we can’t do what we do without you

• Relentless & Disciplined:  We are relentless problem solvers. Our processes, equipment and technology together create a highly disciplined environment that is safe, secure and comfortable.