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Private Charter Flights

Change the Way You Fly

Smarter. Safer. Faster. From Anywhere.

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, our private charters are customized to accommodate your location, schedule and precise destination. It’s about time!

You fly smarter with Northern Airways’ Private charter by realizing these unique features and benefits:

  • Greatly reducing travel time
  • Selecting departure times from over 9,000 airports to maximize your schedule
  • Eliminating security delays. Walk in. Walk on. Wheels up!
  • Enjoying a confidential business environment

Your destination opportunities are greatly expanded with Northern Airways charter service. Our aircraft can pick you up and provide access to over 9,000 airfields (6,000 more than commercial airlines offer). Some of our most popular destinations and estimated costs are provided.

If you or a loved one faces an urgent need for travel relating to medical appointments, we’ll be there. Our round-the-clock booking will bring you the peace of mind needed at the most critical travel times. Some flights may even be covered by insurance. Check with your provider for more information.  Note: We are not a Medical Flight provider.

Private charter is the most efficient, flexible, stress-free way to travel.

It’s your plane – tell us where you’d like to be picked up and where you'd like to go! 

Flying Private Charter

The benefits are clear!

Private CharterCommercial Airlines
No large crowds with private terminalLarge gatherings of unknown people
Aircraft scrupulously cleaned and
disinfected after each flight
Variable levels of disinfectant
Arrive 15 minutes before departureArrive 90 minutes before departure
Operates on your scheduleOperates on their schedule
Destination opportunities increasedLimited to major airports
Comfortable aircraft cabinCramped, close quarters
Confidential business environmentPublic environment
Snacks and beverages includedNot offered on some flights
No charge for luggageLuggage fees
Always friendly staff and crewOften disgruntled and stressed
Capable of moving freightHuge fees for specialty items
One call to arrange ground
transportation and hotel
Do not offer coordination of travel