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Northern Airways' Promise

Our Customer Promise

nothing is more important than trust

Safety and Security:
Your safety, security and discretion are our top priorities. We are accredited with the highest standards in aviation and maintain a perfect track record.

Knowledgeable & Informative:
Our knowledgeable staff will arm you with all the information you need to make smart decisions. We’re experts — our people are trained and most are also certified in their jobs.

You will have a memorable experience, and so will we…because we can’t do what we do without you.

Relentless & Disciplined:
We are relentless problem solvers. Our processes, equipment and technology together create a highly disciplined environment that is safe, secure and comfortable.


Our Vision For Flying

When you fly with Northern Airways, you leave long lines, layovers, and lost luggage behind. Northern Airways provides the ultimate in convenience, flexibility, safety, and discretion. We offer private air charter to more than 9,000 destinations - more than any commercial airline.

With same-day departures and returns, you can fly where you want, when you want, according to your own schedule. Imagine no more endless delays, invasive TSA screenings, and hefty re-booking fees. Our experienced and attentive crew can shorten your overall travel time by half, while you kick back and relax.

Flying by charter may be more affordable than you think. Our per-seat rates are comparable with many commercial rates. We also offer hotel and car rental arrangements, all with just a single call. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, fly smarter with the Northern Airways' executive-class charter service.

The Genesis of Northern Airways

Kubick Aviation Services, Inc. launched in 2004, inspired by founder Chad Kubick’s lifelong love of aviation. Located in Kingsford, we began as an aircraft maintenance business, and later expanded to provide fuel services.

In April, 2014 Chad bought the assets of Superior Aviation and moved Kubick’s operations into the Superior Aviation hangar. This move opened up new possibilities; its prime runway location and facilities allowed Kubick to expand even further to provide avionics services. It also inspired Chad to earn his FAA qualification to conduct on-demand air charter services.

One year later, in 2015, Chad established Northern Airways, a division of Kubick Aviation, which now operates under its air carrier certification with four different aircraft.

Today, Kubick Aviation Services and Northern Airways offer customers a full slate of maintenance, avionics, fuel, and charter services. Our team of professionals is committed to providing exceptional service, whether you’re travelling for business, learning to fly, or seeking maintenance for your own aircraft. We aim to ensure that every customer we do business with is 100% satisfied.