Terms and Conditions

Charter Flights: Terms and Conditions

Thank you for considering Northern Airways for your travel needs.

General: All quotes are subject to aircraft and crew availability and valid for up to 48 hours. Upon acceptance of terms and conditions listed herein, the document becomes a legal and binding contact between the Client and Northern Airways.

Although it is always Northern Airways intent to remain consistent, the need may arise to change the aircraft and/or flight schedule due to uncontrollable factors such as weather, maintenance, air traffic control delays and airport congestion. Northern Airways retains the right to alter this quote, even after confirmation, in the event that an uncontrollable factor requires a change in the aircraft or flight schedule. In the event that the specified aircraft becomes unavailable for the quotes trip(s) due to non-scheduled maintenance or other unforeseeable factors, a comparable aircraft may be provided, subject to client’s approval.

Operational Control: During all phases of flight conducted by Northern Airways under Air Carrier Certificate #9UPA415N or other approved FAA Part 135 certificated Air Carriers, the Air Carrier shall have and retain complete and exclusive operational control as defined in FAR 135.77 and FAR 1.1 over such aircraft and flight crew, and shall exercise sole authority over initiating, conducting, and terminating any flight.

Variable Fees, Cancellations and Payment: This is a hard quote based upon estimated flight times, crew cost and handling. Any additional cost associated but not limited to catering, landing fees, ramp fees, ground handling, hangar fees, deicing and ground transportation will be billed at actuals upon completion.

In the event that a confirmed trip cancels, the customer is financially responsible and agrees to reimburse Northern Airways for all cost incurred in preparation for the trip including but not limited to catering, crew transportation, aircraft repositioning, foreign permits, handling fees and crew expenses.

Full payment is due within 30 days of invoice or a finance charge of 18% will be added. Non-cash payments will be invoiced with a 3% convenience fee that is not included in the quoted price.

Passenger Identification: A completed passenger manifest is due at least 12 hours prior to departure. Anyone 18 years of age or older must have valid government issued I.D. in their possession at the time of boarding. Additionally, official travel documents (passport, visa, etc.) are the responsibility of the passenger. I.D.’s will be checked and verified prior to departure by the crew.

Disclosures: Desired transportation of any animals, medical oxygen, hazardous materials, firearms or passengers with special needs must be communicated to Northern Airways’ charter department prior to departure. Charter passengers are advised that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has mandated that all charter flights adhere to the restriction of items listed on the provided Prohibited Items List. Please consult this list and refrain from packing any listed items in your cabin luggage.

Crew Duty: FAA regulations require that crew duty time cannot exceed 14 hours per day and flight time cannot exceed either 10 hours with 2 pilots or 8 hours with a single pilot in any 24 hours period. If unexpected delays occur due to passengers, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances, the Client is responsible for paying additional charges as applicable.

Responsibility for Damages: Northern Airways or the Aircraft’s owner shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, expense, indirect, special or consequential damages, or other irregularity which are caused by the negligence or misconduct of the Client, its employees, agents, or guests. UP North Airways reserves the right to charge the Client for replacement of damaged items and the cleaning services needed.

Lansing Air Shuttle Important Info

Prohibited Items: Please review and comply with the “Prohibited Items” list provided in the attached PDF file. By boarding the aircraft, you agree you are following compliance to these terms and declare prohibited items are not in your possession or being brought on board the aircraft. NOTE: Northern Airways pilots have the authority to examine passenger carry-on items prior to departure and may forbid boarding of the aircraft by any passenger who is perceived to be a potential threat to the safety of the flight and those on board.

Luggage Restrictions: Shuttle flight passengers are limited to one 15 pound soft-sided carry-on size bag per person.

Departures: Please arrive 20 minutes prior to departure time.

Reservations/Cancellations/Re-Scheduling: To reserve your shuttle seat, a $200 holding charge will be applied to your credit card at the time of your booking. All bookings can be rescheduled up to 90 days from time of original booking for a $50 (per ticket) change fee.

When you cancel:

Cancellations you make prior to the shuttle’s original departure will result in forfeiture of the holding charge. When booking a future shuttle flight, you may apply your original holding charge for up to six (6) months from the time of the original booking. You will forfeit the $200 holding charge to Northern Airways with no opportunity to reschedule six (6) months from the time of your original booking.

When Northern Airways Cancels

Cancellations of shuttle flights made by Northern Airways due to inclement weather and/or situations beyond the control of Northern Airways are not subject to any penalties for the passenger. Re-booking of canceled shuttle flights by Northern Airways will be handled through customer service by contacting (906) 779-5500.